Why Choose BestnPet? 

From our raw material sourcing, manufacturing practices, packaging and satisfaction guarantee, we make it our mission to deliver the best end product to our customers.  


BestnPet Quality Assurance

Every branded product in the BNP carries our promise that our brands will enrich and prolong the lives of your pet(s).  Our treats, chews, dog and cat food, cat litter and supplements have points of differentiation from our competitors and all come with a 100% money back guarantee if you or your pet(s), are not completely satisfied.  

Crafted in BestnPet Facilities in the USA

100% of our pet products manufactured in America’s heartland.

Located in Fremont Nebraska, the agricultural heart of the country. We are committed to the family values of Nebraska agriculture, its farmer community and wanting to do things right for our customers.

Our approach is to be transparent and ethical in what we do and how we make pet foods consumers can truly trust. We build quality into every step in the manufacturing process, checking every single box: delivery (QC inspection of every item), manufacturing (QC inspection) packaging (QC inspection) boxing, palletizing and shipping.

It’s that simple.

Quality Sourcing Makes Quality Food

Quality ingredients start at the source. Some pet food brands are content with buying straight off the shelf from their suppliers, but we demand more.

That’s why we trace every single ingredient that passes through our doors to its original batch. Our experts evaluate every detail of our ingredients origin—from weather patterns to air quality to livestock management practices.